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Our Campus

The Toronto Baptist Seminary campus is located in the heart of Toronto and is easily accessed by car or public transit. It is adjacent to Allan Gardens and its beautiful greenhouses filled with flowers and within walking distance to Yonge Street and its diversity of shopping and dining. Located within proximity to Ryerson University and University of Toronto campuses means ready access to the largest academic library in Canada (University of Toronto). 


Since parking facilities are very limited, residence students are encouraged not to bring a car, or to store it elsewhere after they arrive, unless needed for regular commitments. Permission must be obtained for parking privileges and a copy of the keys left with the office. Parking of students' cars in the parking lot is not permitted on Sundays.

Seminary Kitchen

The Seminary operates a student kitchen under competent management where good meals may be obtained at a reasonable cost. Students participating are required to assist with the kitchen duties. All students who live in residence are required to eat in the Seminary kitchen, and meals are available for non-residence students on a per-meal signup basis. The kitchen is open for orientation day, and after that from the first Monday of each semester until graduation, with the exception of Sundays and the Christmas vacation.

TBS Campus